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Thanks to the active clay soil layer present in the Dallas area, foundation problems are common. Wet and dry cycles lead to the contraction and expansion of the soil, and this leads to portions of the home moving vertically. When this movement takes place, clues begin to appear: cracks tend to appear in high stress points, such as the foundation, interior Sheetrock, around windows and doors, and more. To determine which foundation repair Plano needs to take place, a contractor must be called in. Many homeowners worry about the foundation repair cost, but problems detected at an early stage typically are much easier to fix.

Detecting A Foundation Problem

When a homeowner calls for a foundation assessment, technicians come in and determine if there is an issue. In some cases, there is no need for repairs, as water drainage or root barriers will solve the problem. In the event a problem is detected, the type of movement observed plays a role in the solution required. Horizontal and vertical movements leave different signs. The technicians look for these signs, ask questions, take measurements and more to ensure they have the facts before making recommendations to the homeowner. In certain cases, the homeowner will find he or she has options for their foundation repair.

Foundation Repair For Pier And Beam Structures

Homes with a vented crawl space often shrink, sag, or settle. This may be due to columns that aren’t adequately spaced, weak soil present under the foundation or wood rot and moisture affecting the joists and beams. Moisture present in a crawl space does more than just affect the beams and joints. It often leads to mold growth and excessive fungus. A number of solutions are available for homeowners who find their pier and beam foundation is in need of repair. Wood or steel I-beams may be used to retrofit any broken or rotten beams. Encapsulation and dehumdification of the crawl space often solves the problem, or it may require steel shims to fix the foundation. Finally, the technicians may recommend steel pier supports or a concrete pad base and block to retrofit any piers that are falling.

Foundation Repair For Homes With A Slab Foundation

Many slab homes settle over time, leading to the appearance of slab cracks. Heave is another common issue seen with foundations of this type. The technicians pay close attention to the slab construction to determine the appropriate remedy. Common foundation types include monolithic pour, block walls and spread footings, and poured concrete floating slabs. Slab crack solutions recommended may include concrete pressed pilings, helical piers, or steel piers to bedrock.

Foundation Drainage

To maintain the stability of a foundation, water management must play a part in the foundation repair process. Any time a surface or sub-surface water issue is detected, this must be corrected or the foundation repair will not hold. A home may need channel or grate drains, French drains that are custom engineered for the home or seamless gutters and downspouts. Homeowners should never fix a foundation until the drainage issues are corrected, as the problem will quickly reappear unless they are fixed.

Regardless of whether the problem is a minor one or if major repairs need to be made, professionals need to be called in to assess the damage and determine the appropriate solution, including foundation drainage repairs, if needed. Don’t delay, as a home is a major investment, and it needs to be protected at all times. The right professional helps to ensure that it is.

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