Causes and Signs of Foundation Problems in Plano Tx

Do You Have a Foundation Problem?

Doors that won’t close and windows that are now stuck shut are more than an inconvenience. They could be a sign that the foundation is in need of repair. Other signs can be seen as cracks in the walls, the chimney or the exterior of the home. These issues are going to get worse over time if the foundation of the home is not repaired. It may even be difficult to sell the home if the foundation is in poor shape.

Getting an Inspection

The first thing a homeowner should do when they suspect there is a foundation issue is call for an inspection. The professional will take a look at the issues the homeowner is experiencing and the foundation for the home to determine what is wrong. If the issue is caught early enough, the homeowner may be able to fix smaller problems like the drainage around the home and save the existing foundation. When the damage is more extensive, the professional will likely recommend foundation repair in Plano.

Review Options and Choose a Solution

Once the professional has determined repair is needed they can go over the options available to the homeowner. There may be quite a few options available depending on the specific situation. Each home is going to be different. Some of the options may include installing piers, anchors or jacks, or combining these with drainage solutions. The professional will work with the homeowner and explain which option will be right for their home. They’ll create a customized plan to correct the underlying issue and ensure the foundation is repaired.

Paying for the Repair

Most people put off calling for an inspection because they know the repair is going to be expensive. This cost can be reduced if the homeowner calls quickly because the homeowner may not need to have the foundation repaired yet. The cost of foundation repair is going to depend on the type of repair that is needed and the home. The average cost is around $4,500, but can be anywhere between $975 and $12,500. The professional will be able to give them an estimate and talk to them about financing options.

Calling or emailing a company for a foundation inspection should be done as soon as the homeowner suspects there’s a problem. This can help control the costs associated with the repair and they may be able to solve the issues before a repair is needed. Contact a foundation repair today to find out what your options are and to see what can be done to fix your home.


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