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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

When homeowners begin to find small cracks in the basement walls or along the cement blocks outside the home, fear creeps in. Fear of what it will cost to make repairs, and fear of the unknown. Most homeowners don’t know what to do when the house begins to settle. In their minds, this is a huge problem they’ll never be able to solve. They ask neighbors and friends if they know of good foundation repair companies in the area that they would recommend and who would give them a free estimate of the cost of repairs.

When a basement wall is cracking, it’s not always the worst and most expensive scenario. Water laying along the outside of the home has a profound effect on cement slabs, and the exteriors of basements, plus it causes wooden beams to rot if the situation isn’t cleared up. Once the water problem is identified, repair companies come up with a plan for the best and most affordable solution to repair the cracks and dry out the home. This is very serious business since a home is the most priceless possession homeowners and their families have. If it exists too long, the problem will only get bigger, and the cost of foundation repair will just increase.

There are many ways to go about foundation repair in Plano, starting with examining the type of soil the home is sitting upon. The repair companies will explain that any home sitting on clay will expand and contract when water runs through it. Sometimes, companies have to unclog, repair and change the position of drains that carry the water away from the home. Very often, it’s the gutters of the home that need unclogged. The repair companies inspect each home to get to the root of the problem and then explain exactly what their free consultation has found.

Some of the companies offer discounts when an inspection is carried out and a problem is found. Most of them want their future customers to realize that they are not looking for the most expensive solution. If it’s found out that a home needs new helical piers set more deeply under the home to hold its weight and stop the sliding, it’s best to get the job done. In later years when homeowners decide to sell their home and move to a smaller dwelling, they’ll be glad their home will bring in top dollar because the settling issue has been resolved.

Get the name of one the best companies in the area, and have the foundation checked out and repaired. Remember, when any home is sold, sellers must fill out a disclosure, which is kept with the sales agreement stating whether a home has ever leaked, had a mold problem, when repairs were undertaken and when other important updates were made to the home.


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