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Many homeowners worry that their home will eventually need to have the foundation repaired, yet aren’t sure what to look for or what can happen if they do need it repaired. They will want to learn more about foundation repair to ensure they contact a professional as quickly as possible if they notice any signs a repair may be needed. This way, they can minimize the repair costs. Below are a few of the most common questions asked by homeowners.

What Can Cause Foundation Issues?

Over time, the soil under the home can settle and adjust. Often, rainwater can wash away some of the soil if the home doesn’t have a proper drainage system. A lowering amount of soil under the home can cause the home to shift, which can crack the foundation and cause issues inside the home as well.

How Do You Know if Foundation Repair is Necessary?

Some of the signs foundation repair is needed include cracks in the walls, doors and windows that don’t open or close easily, cracks on the exterior of the home, or cracks in the home’s chimney. A homeowner should call for an inspection as soon as any of these signs are noticed.

What Happens at the Inspection?

When the professional inspects the home, they will look for the causes of the issues and how it can be repaired. If the foundation doesn’t need to be repaired but is in danger of being damaged, they can suggest ways to limit or eradicate the potential damage. If the foundation does need to be repaired, the professional will review the options with the homeowner and recommend a plan to correct the damage and prevent further damage.

How Much Does the Repair Cost?

The cost of foundation repair is going to fluctuate based on the amount of damage, the location, the size of the home, and more. The average price for foundation repair in Plano is around $4,500 though the actual amount can be far lower or higher depending on the circumstances. The person should speak with the professional about financing options if they cannot afford the full cost up front.

Anyone who is worried their home is in need of repair should contact a professional as soon as possible for an inspection. They may be able to correct the issues before the foundation is actually damaged. If not, the professional can work with them to determine what repairs are necessary and what the best way to repair the foundation is.


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